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Mike Wohlner

Mike Wohlner


Hometown: Buffalo Grove, IL
Transferred from: Southern Mississippi

Robert Kreml

Professional Physics

Hometown: New Lenox, IL
Transferred from:Joliet Junior College

Kristen Killian

Kristen Killian


Hometown: Plainfield, IL

This is Kristen. She’s a transfer student from Joliet Junior College. She chose NIU’s business school because she wanted to be a business professional and also have the chance to challenge her creativity. NIU’s Department of Marketing was the perfect fit.

Kristen also found her place in student organizations. She’s become a member of the American Marketing Association, the Interactive Marketing Board, and Pi Sigma Epsilon, a business fraternity on campus. She’s also had internships with American Marketing and Publishing and NIU’s own University Marketing and Communications Department.

Set for Success
“I really like the fact that NIU brings a lot of recruiters and companies on campus that offer students many internship and career opportunities. These companies really want to hire NIU students specifically, and that gives me a sense of security for when it comes time for me to graduate.”

Practice makes Professionals
“Pi Sigma Epsilon is a business fraternity that is for any major on campus. The thing I really like about this organization is how it turns individuals into being very well rounded in many ways. We practice being professional, we work on projects throughout the year, and we even do lots of community service.”

Certified Degrees
“You have the opportunity to obtain two different certificates along with your marketing degree, and it isn’t necessary to take extra classes to receive these certificates. There is a sales certificate and an interactive marketing certificate.”

Marketing program highlights:
The Marketing program offers a contemporary, innovative and relevant program which allows students to custom design a curriculum that suits their unique needs and aspirations. Students can choose from several areas including international marketing, promotional management, marketing research, retailing and new product development.

  • Marketing students have the option of attending events and participating in classes that combine real-world experiences and networking opportunities.
  • The Professional Sales program was the first university program awarded the distinction of providing a Certified Sales Curriculum by the Professional Society for Sales and Marketing Training (SMT).
  • NIU is the only university in the Chicagoland area to offer an interactive marketing concentration.

Learn more about the Marketing program.

Anthony Roberts

Anthony Roberts

Biomedical Engineering

Hometown: Chicago, IL

This is Tony. He’s a biomedical engineering student eager to make advancements in the healthcare industry. Bridging the gap between medicine and engineering, he looks to one day directly and positively affect the lives of people around the world by developing new medical devices, techniques and practices.

Tony is currently in the Research Rookies Program working alongside visiting professor Dr. Martin Kocanda. Together, they are studying sensors that can detect electrical current in bacteria in hopes of discovering a more time efficient method than what is currently used in the medical field.
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Opportunity Knocks
“My favorite part of biomedical engineering is the complexity and the necessity for the field. It’s challenging, but it also opens up a lot of doors for opportunities to work at any number of organizations. I enjoy the wide range of options that come with my major.”

Running with the pack
“Pi Sigma Epsilon is a business fraternity that is for any major on campus. The thing I really like about this organization is how it turns individuals into being very well rounded in many ways. We practice being professional, we work on projects throughout the year, and we even do lots of community service.”

There’s no place like home
“I tried to look for a place to belong and meet people. I was surprised by all of the opportunities I was presented, and by the sense of community here in DeKalb.”

Biomedical Engineering program highlights
The Biomedical Engineering program addresses the interdisciplinary area of engineering, medicine, and biology and is critical for the advancement of health sciences and biology.

  • The graduates can work as a biomedical engineer on the design, production, testing, and maintenance of biomedical equipment, such diagnostics, treatments, and surgical systems.
  • This program prepares the students for attending medical, dental, pharmaceutical, optometry, chiropractic, and any other health related schools, if pursuing this career is desired.
  • Students may also continue their graduate studies to earn a Ph.D. or Law degree through of 6-year Engineering-Law program.

For more information on the Biomedical Engineering program.

Sam Campbell

Sam Campbell

Health Sciences

Hometown: Rockford, IL

This is Sam. He’s a health sciences major with a passion for helping people. One day, he hopes to work for a non-for-profit organization that assists people with disabilities.

When Sam’s not in the classroom, he’s out in the DeKalb community volunteering for charitable organizations such as Relay for Life. He attributes participating in these community efforts as one of the main reasons transitioning to NIU was easy for him.

Striking a balance
“NIU has helped me in more ways than I probably realize. One thing I’ve learned since being at NIU is balance. For example, I’ve learned how to balance a difficult course load while participating in student organizations and socializing outside of campus activities.”

Finding his niche
“I tried to look for a place to belong and meet people. I was surprised by all of the opportunities I was presented, and by the sense of community here in DeKalb.”

Four-star accommodations
“It’s like living in a four-star hotel,”Sam said of Gilbert Hall, an upperclassman residence facility.“There’s a Starbucks, the rooms are great – I couldn’t be happier.”

Health Sciences program:
The Health Sciences program is designed to prepare the student to enter allied health and other health-related fields. The health sciences program focuses on providing the student with a strong foundation through general education courses and a science-based curriculum.

  • Health sciences majors have two areas of emphasis: pre-physical therapy and rehabilitation services.
  • Health sciences is also a specialized track of NIU’s Homeland Security certificate.
  • Students of the College of Health and Human Sciences have more than 400 practicum sites available for experiential learning opportunities.

For more information visit

Chonce Maddox

Chonce Maddox

Journalism/Communication Minor

Hometown: Aurora, IL

This is Chonce, a journalism major with an unshakable passion for storytelling. Dating back to her early childhood, she used writing as a form of expression. For Chonce, becoming a journalism major at NIU was a no-brainer, and the experience has presented her with multiple internships and an opportunity to study abroad at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

Chonce is also a mother. Her son, Jordan, gets to experience NIU in his own way – he goes to NIU’s Campus Child Care Center. Chonce loves the convenience of having Jordan near while she’s at school.

Chonce Maddox in Ireland Chonce Maddox in Wicklow, Ireland

Journalist without borders
“Our group of NIU students stayed at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and studied Irish history, literature and modern culture as we participated in lots of hands on activities and fieldtrips throughout Dublin and the surrounding cities. It was something I thought I’d never be able to do.”

An experience for the whole family
“Jordan likes the nature walks and the circle time,” Chonce said of the Campus Child Care Center. “The teachers are very attentive and they help parents achieve developmental goals for their child.”

Students are priority #1
“I like that everyone on campus is so welcoming and helpful and you can tell they really want students to succeed”

Campus Child Care Center highlights:
The NIU Campus Child Care Center provides high-quality education and care for children ages three months to five years. During the summer semester, children ages six to eight are also welcome.

  • Discounted daily and weekly rates are available for students.
  • The center is rated a 4-star program through the Quality Rating and Improvement System ExceleRate Illinois).
  • The center is licensed through the State of Illinois and accredited by the National Association of the Education of Young Children.

For more information visit The Campus Child Care Center Website.

Journalism Program highlights:
The journalism program provides students with a broad-based liberal arts education combined with an array of skills and theory courses.

  • Majors can choose an emphasis in print journalism (visual communication, photojournalism and desktop publishing), public relations and broadcast news.
  • Northern Television Center, the award-winning “nerve center” of broadcast journalism at NIU, offers students the opportunity to practice their skills through daily broadcasts.

For more information visit

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